Ducktown Greenways Project

Ducktown, TN




3500 linear feet


Phase 1 completed


Greenways Trail System



The Ducktown Greenway Phase II project will continue the development of the existing Ducktown Greenway, which currently spans from the Greenway parking lot Northeast for 3000 linear feet. This Greenway system will provide many benefits to the Town of Ducktown, including increased opportunities for environmental and historical education, exercise, connection with nature, and chance social encounters. Phase II will specifically focus on the educational aspect of the Greenway by connecting Ducktown’s past of copper strip mining to its future in solar power generation. Phase II of the Ducktown Greenway Project will begin at the existing parking lot and move Southwest past the solar array, under the existing Hiwassee Street bridge, to terminate at the Ducktown Basin Museum. The Ducktown Greenway Phase II Project will include an additional 1350 linear feet of crushed gravel pedestrian and bicycle trails, providing for new recreational opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists. Additionally, by travelling the historic Tennessee Copper Company Railroad route, trail users can learn the history of Ducktown while being educated about the social and environmental impacts of historic strip mining in the area and the importance of new, environmentally sensitive mining techniques.

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