[ Feasibility Studies ]

Feasibility studies determine the suitability of sites for a particular development program, or the suitability of various programs for a particular site.

The process starts with site analysis to identify opportunities and constraints that guide the exploration of alternate conceptual designs. Issues of zoning, codes, building massing, structural capacity, parking, accessibility, stormwater management, utilities, site features and vegetation are investigated. Our next step involves analysis of context and community. Our proposed program and design solutions are best suited to the environment our site is situated in and serves the interests of the public that is going to use it.

Budget planning and cost analysis help determine a preferred scheme from which implementation strategies for phased development can be decided. This work may be coordinated with market studies or other research to support the direction to proceed. Ultimately, the highest compatibility between a site and program is found in concert with financial considerations. 

Featured Feasibility Studies Projects