[ About Us ]

[ Who We Are ]

Farmer Morgan LLC is a planning, design and construction management firm specializing in the creation of memorable places that withstand the test of time.

The innovation of the firm’s driving principles of operation comes from individual strengths of each team member and in our ability to work collectively as Farmer | Morgan crew. We further each other’s accomplishments and the projects we work on because we anticipate challenges and work together meticulously to resolve them. We take pride in diverse educational backgrounds of each team member and the multidisciplinary work it enables us to do. Our strong commitment to creating sustainable environments with clients allows us to collaborate on meaningful projects to make unique places more livable and sustainable.

*Farmer | Morgan LLC is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE)*

[ What we Believe ]

The firm is founded by landscape architects who believe that the fundamental practice of embedding projects in the cultural landscape enables human connection to physical form. We believe that high quality design contributes significantly to a higher quality of life. This connection dwells on the principle that excellence in design emerges from the people and culture of a place. This belief, combined with a deep appreciation for the natural and manmade environment, allows us to create landscapes that succeed as both social spaces and environmental systems. The innovation of the firm’s driving principles of operation can be seen in the resumes of the founding partners and employees forming Farmer | Morgan, L.L.C.


Farmer | Morgan started as an urban planning and municipal redevelopment firm in 2005. The firm originally offered boutique services of urban infill redevelopment and downtown revitalization. Today, Farmer | Morgan has grown to include planning, design and construction services, such that we serve in a cradle to cradle fashion. While our work has expanded, we continue to maintain relationships with all of our clients. Our clients are the testimony to our work and we as a team strive to nurture healthy client relationships. In order to do this, we are working collaboratively with new and existing clients to expand into growing markets. This collaboration produces successful projects that offer unique challenges and opportunities for multidisciplinary work.